Snow Show

Why am I an X Games convert? Because they're sick.

Nah...wait, ya think?

Best Acceptance Speech Ever: Shortly after qualifying for Ski Slopestyle, where participants ski down the mountain while tricking off of huge jumps and staircases and railings, Simon Dumont was pulled aside by another vapid X Games reporter and asked to comment on how he had turned in such an amazing run.

"I was just charging out there," Dumont said with a sly grin. "I mean, shit, it was fun. This is live TV. I can't say 'shit' on live TV, can I? Ah, well, fuck it."

Hey, Buster: Kazuhiro Kokubo grabs big air at the X Games.
Hey, Buster: Kazuhiro Kokubo grabs big air at the X Games.

The Big Crash Part II: The only thing that comes close to being as stupid as backflipping your motorcylce on ice is racing a snowmobile uphill over bumps and jumps. Dave Allard figured that out when, during a SnoCross race, he miscalculated on a jump and planted his snowmobile front first into the ground. He shot over the handlebars and smacked into the snow and ice. To add injury to injury, his machine landed on top of him. Very, very hurty.

Prime Time With SportsCenter: In a shameless attempt to get a ratings spike for both the X Games and its flagship program, ESPN decided to hold the finals of the Snowboard SuperPipe during the 10 p.m. SportsCenter. Host Stuart Scott did the basketball scores and such and then kicked it to Linda Cohn, who was live in Aspen. In between runs, which were filled with absurd twists and flips, Cohn interviewed the snowboarders at the SportsCenter desk or told us interesting things like: "Japanese snowboard star Kazuhiro Kokubo is just 15 years old. They call him 'Buster.'"

For the final interview with superpipe winner Steve Fisher, Scott threw it to the woman he calls "L.Co." Cohn, clad in X Games-approved parka and knitted hat, asked Fisher questions about the 1080 spin that helped him win the gold medal. Fisher, bobbing up and down on his chair like a goof, answered the way snowboarders know best, using the words "yeah" and "stoked" almost exclusively, leaving L.Co to nod approvingly.

Now that's entertainment, dude.

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