Sams' Club

Plus: Lethal Lord 2: Savior's Revenge; Hey Mr. DJ

Since there is still time before the playoffs, they have a chance to retool. As always, Full Frontal has a few suggestions.

Method Man, "Bring the Pain": This is perfect for the beginning of games, providing the needed intimidation factor. Of course, it would help if the team actually had someone who could deliver said pain, other than Shawn Bradley. And that, unfortunately, is just on our souls.

Cypress Hill, "I Wanna Get High": Anytime Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki connect on an alley-oop, this is your jam.

Foo Fighters, "Hero": Use this whenever rookie sensation Josh Howard checks back into a game. Why? Because it's already playing in my head when that happens. "There goes my hero..."

Basement Jaxx, "Where's Your Head At": Cue up this song's chorus when the refs make a bad call against the Mavs. Or Bradley falls down. Or Antoine Walker hoists another inexplicable three. Or Nellie starts trying to throw the game away with the Hack-A-Shaq business. Or Humble Billy tries to get cute with the voices. ("Me so sorry!") You might need a few copies.

Nelson, "After the Rain": I don't know. It just makes me laugh.

--Zac Crain

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