What's Your Position?

Who will lead America's Team come November? The electorate must know.

A strong defense begins with the first line of attack. How would you improve the defensive unit?

It's hard to upgrade a crew that finished No. 1 in the league in defense. But as Parcells told us at the year-end news conference: "I can't think of a position on the team that I wouldn't consider adding a player if the right guy came along...except for long snapper. I think he's pretty good, and I'd like to keep him around for a while." Nice. That aside, every media type who answered this question mentioned that the Pokes need to get better on the defensive line, and nearly all of them included something along the lines of, "Dear Lord, can we get rid of Ebenezer Ekuban?" A valid point, considering the man had just three and a half sacks during the past two seasons.

Something else to consider: The cornerback situation also might need to be addressed. The 'Boys gave up plenty of big plays last season, and Mario Edwards, who played opposite Terence "I'm the reason we lost against the Panthers" Newman, is a free agent who might not be asked to come back. (Newman had four picks last year, and he'll be a serious talent in the NFL, but, c'mon, did you see the Carolina game?)

Quincy Carter's "happy feet" suggest he has yet to mature.
Quincy Carter's "happy feet" suggest he has yet to mature.

Do you support civil unions, and, if so, would you bring back Richmond Flowers to sing with Chad Hutchinson?

"I think they make a cute couple," said one sports reporter.

You can't get this stuff from Gallup.

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