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Texas' popular new shortstop is the man of the moment

All of which--the numbers and the fielding and moving to a new position without saying a word--should have made Rangers General Manager John Hart leap in his direction with a pen in one hand and a multiyear contract in the other. Never happened. Instead, the Rangers signed him to a one-year deal worth $450,000, which is only $150,000 more than the league minimum for which they inked could-be center fielder Laynce Nix. Young says it doesn't bother him. He says he's OK with the way things are going. It's hard not to believe him, because he's convincing and affable. But, at some point--perhaps after watching his pal Blalock get a five-year deal worth $15.2 mil tossed his way--wouldn't he also want to get paid?

"It'll eventually take care of itself; right now I just want to concentrate on playing shortstop," Young says. "I think I have something to offer. And I think I can make the transition easier for Sori, too. You can see he's already feeling more comfortable with us. Like the other day, I was standing over there in front of the mirror, and he caught me flexing a little bit and started ripping on me for it. He kinda loud-talked me in front of the guys. It was pretty funny. I was fine with it."

Not surprising. Not at all.

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