Showing a Pulse

Getting Drew, Keyshawn and Marcellus reveals the Cowboys have life after all

Simply: Nothing is certain for Henson. Nothing but the likelihood that his signing will make starter Quincy Carter uncomfortable--which will, in turn, provide me with endless entertainment. Just don't expect to see Henson in a regular-season game any time soon. It seems Parcells and the Pokes plan on bringing him along slowly. As well they should.

But that also makes me wonder what the approach is here. If signing Henson is a tacit admission that they need more punch at QB, does that mean the Pokes are going to take a step back this season? Because the rest of the division looks tougher now than it did a few months ago. The influx of talent included Mark Brunell and Clinton Portis to the Redskins, and Terrell Owens to the Birds, among others. Johnson for Galloway was a fine deal, but I'm not sure Johnson is enough to make the Cowboys offense championship caliber, either. There's still time to sign some others or pick up an impact player in the draft (the 'Boys need offensive and defensive tackles, a running back and another corner). But if no other critical areas are addressed, does that mean they're planning for the distant future instead of trying to build on last year's unforeseen success?

There's no fast answer. Just understand that the NFC East is going to be a bar brawl this season. At least we know the Cowboys brass is awake now and ready to fight. Which is a good thing--I wouldn't want any of them to get cold-cocked with a beer bottle from behind.

Bill's been shopping, and he likes what's in the bag.
Mark Graham
Bill's been shopping, and he likes what's in the bag.

OK...I wouldn't want most of them to get cold-cocked.

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