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Once again, we spotlight what's important: football and, mostly, Gonz

5:31: It took most of the day, but Dallas finally drafted a player. They just selected Notre Dame running back Julius Jones (43rd overall) in the second round. I wonder how long it'll take Irvin to compare him to a certain someone.

5:31:25: "He looks like Emmitt Smith," Irvin says, "and he runs like Emmitt." I'm not sure what gives me a bigger headache--that it took all effing day for the 'Boys to draft Jones, that they skipped over the other two running backs that I (and everyone else) liked or that Irvin gets paid huge sums to embarrass himself on ESPN (whereas I embarrass myself for next to nothing in the Dallas Observer).

6:27: With the 52nd pick the Cowboys take Jacob Rogers, an offensive lineman from USC. Good thing, too, because a few days ago Jerry Jones told ESPN that Dallas was sorely in need of linemen. Then, Jones also told the network that grabbing a beef eater might not be all that easy because "it's in a draft that's probably one of the least depth drafts at offensive line." The man has a sort of verbal dyslexia, I'm sure of it.

Troy Hambrick jumping over someone? Clearly this photo was doctored.
Troy Hambrick jumping over someone? Clearly this photo was doctored.

8:30: Someone just told me the 'Boys took Stephen Peterman, guard, LSU, with their final pick on the first day of the draft (third round, 83rd overall). After many hours of bad football, bad football selection shows and a Mavs playoff game (I had to run out here to the American Airlines Center to watch Dallas embarrass the Kings), the day is mercifully over for me. It's not the sort of effort my writer/consigliere buddy would be proud of, but that's OK. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you give into your dark side. Sometimes, you can't hide from yourself.

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