Fitting the Bill

Parcells is remaking the Cowboys in his image-- no, not pasty and white

It's entirely possible that Dallas will make another quantum leap--similar to last year's surprising jump from awful to awesome--and win the division or advance deep into the postseason. But looking at the way they've set it up, and factoring in how they traded down in this year's draft to get an extra first-rounder next season, it sure looks like they're nodding to the future instead of planning for a push right now.

"I'm not building for 2005," Parcells said. "I'm just trying to take the best course of action we can. I'm not disappointed in our off-season.

"We talked it over, we considered some stuff strongly, very strongly, but we decided not to do it. That's the thing about free agency. You get graded for everything. You really do. I was telling some guys before the draft [that] what they should do is look at last year's draft. Just last year--one year back. Go through the first round and regrade.

When it comes to building a team, Bill is money.
Mark Graham
When it comes to building a team, Bill is money.

"Some of these, you know, what do you call them? Talking hairdos? You never hear about what they said that was inaccurate."

True enough.

Off he went to disappear until the next minicamp. And off I went to talk and comb my hair.

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