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Escapade 2009: Did you read the item above? Well, same goes here, except the soundtrack is slightly more hip, with techno and rock en español added to the mix. 10707 Finnell St, 214-654-9595.

Fort Worth Convention Center: As far as convention centers go, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. This goes for the largest concert venue in Fort Worth. A semi-circular arena provides room for 14,000 fans and, well, room for 14,000 fans. 1111 Houston, Fort Worth, 817-570-2222.

Galaxy Club: With Orbit Room long dead (tip your bottle), this is pretty much the sole provider of all-ages shows. (Which means a 12-year-old and his dad might bum a smoke off you at some point.) Punk and not-so-punk, local and national, bands that have been together for 10 years and some for 10 minutes--they all hit the Galaxy's stage at one time or another. Now go stand in front of it. 2820 Main St, 214-742-5299.

Good Records: The record store with its racks covered in yellow paint and colored light bulbs puts up a stage in the back cranny that usually holds a listening center when local bands have a CD release party or when touring bands want a more intimate showcase. 617 N Good Latimer, 214-752-4663.

The Granada Theater: We weren't big fans of this former movie house when it redebuted as a live-music venue, but the Granada has been doing better of late. They've shored up the sound woes that plagued early shows and started bringing in acts (Sigur Rós, Bob Dylan, Macy Gray) that make audiences forget about the remaining problems. Still kinda hard to see the stage unless you're a few feet away. 3524 Greenville Ave, 214-824-9933.

Gypsy Tea Room: A frequent winner of Best of Dallas and Dallas Observer Music Awards, and rightfully so. The club regularly brings first-rate acts to town (from Wilco to the Roots to Steve Earle to Common to Doves, and that's just a start), and the bathrooms are some of the cleanest and most well-stocked around. 2548 Elm St, 214-74-GYPSY.

Hard Rock Café: Enough rock-and-roll memorabilia to knock your socks off--be sure to check out ZZ Top's woolly guitars and the Cheese Club (just ask). True story: This HRC, though now the Supreme Court of Rock & Roll, originally housed a church. 2601 McKinney Ave, 214-855-0007.

Hole in the Wall: Exactly what you'd expect given the name: kind of out-of-the-way and tiny as a circus-sideshow attraction. There are few better places in the area to get the blues (or a burger) than Hole in the Wall, where local legend Hash Brown hosts a jam every Wednesday. Come in the summertime, when the patio out back is open. But watch the parking situation: The dirt lot gets muddy after a few drops, and the next-door businesses have tow trucks on speed dial. 11654 Harry Hines Blvd, 972-247-2253.

Humperdink's: Karaoke is something not many do sober, and that's probably how it should be. Luckily, the mugs at this brewpub are fairly large, which helps make Thursday nights at the bar a little more agreeable. 6050 Greenville Ave, 214-368-1203.

Indigo: The (somewhat) unfinished interior and (generally) unvarnished lineups suggest a club still finding its way, but the scrappy staff seems sure they'll get there. Seen some good shows there, and some bad ones, which is pretty much standard operating procedure when talking about a club that feels like the minor leagues. We mean that as a compliment. 2702 Main St, 214-651-7377.

Jefferson Freedom Café: Consider this the Fort Worth branch of the venerable Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse: family-friendly, largely acoustic and housed in a church. Shows happen on the third Saturday of every month. 1959 Sandy Lane, Unitarian Church, Fort Worth, 817-424-2727.

J & J Blues Bar: Occasionally strays into other genres, but J & J's is still a slice of blues heaven. Because of the music? Yeah, sure. They bring in some pretty swell national and regional gee-tar slingers. Or because of the cheap drinks and free parking? Trust us, they know what side gets the butter; check out the phone number. 937 Woodward, Fort Worth, 817-870-BEER.

Lakewood Bar and Grill: A top-notch East Dallas bar. Especially fond of the weekly trivia, but the weekend band lineup and special events (dinner and movie with Animal House...'nuff said) make the LBG's cold beer taste all the better. 6340 Gaston Ave, 214-826-3888.

Liquid: The former home of the Arcadia Theater, this Lower Greenville haunt has had more face-lifts than Joan Rivers, but its latest makeover--a place where young professional types can dance off some steam--seems to have stuck. You won't find a better-looking nightclub around, its art-deco details remaining through every incarnation. And it's got a huge dance floor, theater seating for relaxing and a bar at every turn. Which should have been the first thing we said. 2005 Greenville Ave, 214-823-9700.

Liquid Lounge: The Curtain Club's l'il sibling has a small capacity and a small stage decorated with a parachute. The more mellow setting includes lots of booths and tables and chairs, plus a balcony for optimal viewing. 2800 Main St, 214-939-0077.

Lizard Lounge: Maybe best known for hosting goth-friendly "The Church" on Sunday nights, Lizard Lounge also features some of the world's best DJs on a regular basis. Several rooms plus a rooftop deck offer a good combination of dance floor and dark corners. Fun fact: Madonna tried to buy this place. Yes, that Madonna. 2424 Swiss Ave, 214-826-4768.

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