Girl Power Mystique

Jin-Ya Huang's photos inscribe the feminine in-between

Other works, such as "Cast" (2004) and "Periphery" (2004), tend to be less overtly about questions of gender and more generally about memory and the process of distilling the mental residue of the past. Huang refers to this as a mental exercise of "re-remembering." The images that result from Huang's re-remembering are gracefully bereft of sentimental elements that might beset any other artist's rendering of memories and the past. Her blurred images capture the physical act of remembering, giving visual form to what it might feel like to actually remember something. They seem like photographs of a restless mind desperately in search of experiences past, gasping as though frantically running through reel upon reel of plastic microfilm.

Jin-Ya Huang's "Circuit" (2004)
Jin-Ya Huang's "Circuit" (2004)


is on display through July 10 at Mulcahy Modern, 214-948-9595.

At 34, Huang is young. It is exciting to ponder how her work will continue to evolve--how she will pursue issues of medium specificity and technological invention and the conceptual realm of being in-between. Yet, perhaps above all, we await from her further contributions to the collective girl power mystique--questions, conundrums and declarations concerning what it might mean to be an artist working in the 21st century, an artist who happens to be a woman.

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