First-String Divas

Girls in underwear playing football. Nice.

Yes, soon would be good--if only for Strauser and the rest of the girls. The anticipation has to be killing them.

Even if the reality show doesn't become reality, the Lingerie Football League has other avenues to pursue. There will be two seven-on-seven games, both via pay-per-view, in December--L.A. will play Dallas, and Chicago will play New York, with the winners advancing to the Lingerie Bowl. Horizon is also working to develop a video game that will feature build-your-own players. (The rosters they distributed to the media came complete with the players' hometown, height and measurements--e.g., 34C-22-34--so that last bit about creating your player on the video game will be good fun.) There's also a Web site,, where you can buy calendars, check out pictures of the players and purchase merchandise.

"Yeah, that part is going to be really cool," Mortaza says. "Two virtual models show you around and you can buy commemorative items, like last year's game ball. You can also get hats and shirts and tank tops."

Coming to a boob tube near you: your Dallas Desire.
Horizon Productions Inc
Coming to a boob tube near you: your Dallas Desire.

Which isn't even the best part. The name of the clothing line is the killer: "Fourth-and-G...your last chance to score."

I'm not even making that up.

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