Starring Roles

Why don’t we have a nationwide restaurant rating system?

But could we duplicate the system?

Well, the people we spoke with doubt it, citing culinary expectations, respectability and other apparent cultural deficiencies. "There's a longer tradition of haute cuisine in Europe," Nichols points out. "You're more likely to find steak houses here getting accolades." Finding persons or entities of great integrity poses another problem. While the reviewers may separate themselves from subtle attempts at influencing their judgment, the publications sometimes cave in to pressure.

"Michelin is not hitting people up for advertising dollars," McMillan says wryly.

Location Info


Suze Restaurant

4345 W. NW Highway, 270
Dallas, TX 75220

Category: Restaurant > Greek

Region: Northwest Dallas

Or maybe we're not sophisticated enough to adopt such a system.

"The American public," Samuel says, "they would probably look at one, two or three stars as the amount of the bill."

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