Pink Grease

This Is For Real (Mute Records)

With its neon liner notes, choppy guitar hooks, synth noise and "Fuck. Art. Let's fuck" attitude, Pink Grease's debut EP, All Over You, was as trendy as a star tattoo, but it still managed to conjure the smutty, chaotic intent of the new-new wave movement. Comparatively, this anticipated full-length is a conservatively acceptable fizzle. The salacious lyrics point to punky rebellion, but the overall sound is in line with classic glam and garage rock. The chugging guitars, catchy choruses and Stooges/Psychedelic Furs sax blurts are fine, but the record doesn't emerge from the safety-in-the-familiar rut until the halfway point ("The Nasty Show" and "Serial Heartbreaker" are highlights), when some synth bubbles up on the bridges. Still, it's moderately fun and well-produced, and they're a safe bet for a good live band. But where's the danger? For all of their initial promise, Pink Grease seems content to be the modern-day version of the New York Dolls, right down to the cursive lipstick font. And we already have The Makers for that.
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