Wednesday, July 14

Last year our friend--totally our friend and not us--had to buy her own birthday cake and ice cream and animal-shaped plates for the party she was throwing for herself. She did not have the grocery store frost her name on her cake, but she did have to--sadly, very sadly--admit to the woman at the register that the supplies were for her. It is not sad, however, when a bar throws its own party. Face it, they have the liquor and the food and the little plates. So don't feel bad for Zbar--the Lower Greenville fancy lounge, restaurant and DJ haven--when it throws a party for its eighth birthday this week. The party is called Eight Ball, which we're certain must be because of the eight years, the '80s jams that the DJs will be spinning and everyone's love of the Magic 8 Ball toy. It's definitely not a sly drug reference. (At least not according to our Magic 8 Ball, which responded, "My sources say no.") The theme is '80s prom, with DJ Redeye spinning Club Retro in the front room and DJ Robert Taylor playing "hair band power ballads" in the back. It starts at 9 p.m., and admission is $10 for 21 and up. Proceeds benefit DEFMAN and Cancer Relief Fund. Zbar is located at 2012 Greenville Ave. Call 214-887-0071.

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