This Week's Day-By-Day Picks

Tuesday, August 3

Any self-respecting David Bowie fan would recognize the name Rex Ray. The San Francisco collage artist has designed several album covers for the Thin White Duke, including the most recent album, Reality. Whether you like Bowie's latest efforts or not, the wide-eyed Bowie caricature is an awesome marriage of anime and comic cool. Likewise, Ray's collages (often made from fashion mags, paper and glue) are worthy of staring at--even if just to figure out if the image is an amoeba or some sort of abstract botanical. Ray and five other artists (Susan Marie Freda, sculpture; Henry Jackson, painting; Rocky Schenck, gelatin prints; Tara Thacker, ceramics and Chongbin Zheng, painting) are featured in the Conduit Gallery's West Coasting: Six California Artists. The show runs through August 21, and the gallery is located at 1626-C Hi Line Drive. Just remember, no self-respecting Bowie fan would wear a Ray-designed concert shirt to the exhibit. Call 214-939-0064.

Wednesday, August 4

Seafood is scary. It seems like, without lessons, the entire genre of cuisine is intimidating. How long to cook, what temperature, what about the bones? And after those basics, there's still the question of seasoning. Never mind picking out appropriate side dishes. Does dill go with white fish or just salmon? Do potatoes overwhelm a delicate fish flavor? What kind of fish is best for making sushi at home? The seafood department of Whole Foods Market, 2201 Preston Road at Park Lane in Plano, doesn't want our food choices limited because of fishy fear or ignorance, so at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, the store presents Seafood 101. The free class includes recipes, sampling and a tour. Call 972-612-6729. Jaws may have been scary, but when it comes to cooking, we can't be content to fear the fin.

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