This Week's Day-By-Day Picks

Wednesday, September 1

In preschool and early elementary grades, collage was the art of the "everychild." One didn't need special skills or drawing ability to produce a pleasing collage, or at least one that would get a big, fat, red "A" on the upper right corner. At that age, no one realizes they could actually grow up and be a serious artist using the medium of collage. Granted, Dean Corbitt uses photography, paint and printed paper, and kindergartners usually use construction paper and the occasional leaf, but the point is the direction in which Corbitt took the art form. The Mesquite Arts Center, 1527 N. Galloway Ave., hosts Grids & Probabilities of Chance, an exhibition of Corbitt's work, presented by the Mesquite Arts Council. Corbitt describes his show as "controlled chaos within a structured environment, two things living in the same place at the same time and patterns interlaced in global cultures." Imagine the look on teach's face if a 6-year-old ever said that. The exhibit opens Wednesday and will remain on view daily through September 30. Call 972-216-8122.

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