Tough Love

Can Julius Jones win a place in Parcells' heart? Assuming Parcells has one, of course.

So that's got to piss Jones off, right? They drafted him with their first pick and got rid of Hambrick. It looked like he was going to be the starter until George came along. This is professional football, and egos are always involved.

"You know, not really," Jones counters. "Eddie is always positive. That's one thing I can say about Eddie. He's always positive, and he's encouraging no matter what you do. He's always there to tell you things are going to work out. All I can do is learn from Eddie."

His brother, Thomas, was a highly regarded running back who hasn't amounted to much in the NFL, so maybe Jones doesn't want to tempt fate. Maybe he's content to say all the right things, do what they ask and go from there. Or maybe he knows that, if he keeps playing and improving--if he continues to be quick and elusive and durable--it won't matter who else the Cowboys have, because they'll have to get Jones the ball. Which, unfortunately for him, will mean more tough love from Parcells.

But, hey, it's better than Saskatchewan. .

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