Wednesday, September 15

If you grew up in the Lone Star State, you most likely had to take Texas history. We remember Mrs. Wood regaling us with tales of independence, defense and progress, but our textbooks were seriously lacking in visuals that weren't stiff portraits or grainy images. The Amon Carter Museum is now displaying, as a permanent collection installation, Encountering Texas, 1846-1856, featuring drawings and watercolors by Edward Everett, James Gilchrist Benton and Sarah Ann Lillie Hardinge. Through December 19, the museum offers three different points of view of the expansive area that later became Texas. Most records were by soldiers or speculators (accounting for the current textbook entries), but these three artists put down their interpretations of the land in something the imagination can soak up with fervor...right along with Mrs. Wood's storytelling. The Amon Carter is located at 3501 Camp Bowie Blvd. in Fort Worth. Call 817-738-1933.

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