I must take issue with Fike's desire to "clean up comedy." If he's a comic, his mission should be to make people laugh. How he does that is his prerogative, but I don't think comedy needs to be cleaned up. If anything, it needs to be made smarter and more original. Dirty comedy is not the problem; lame comedy is the problem. I think it's hubris for Mr. Fike to think it's his duty to change comedy. Would he prefer that brilliant, original people like Buddy Hackett, Rodney Dangerfield or Sam Kinison never existed? I find it interesting that you didn't mention the part of Mr. Fike's routine where he makes farting sounds with his hands. He calls them "hand toots," which, I presume, is the way God likes farts to be referred to when being performed on a stage in the name of clean comedy. One more thing: Next time you review a Christian comic, I'm thinking you might want to refrain from saying things like "Christian rock blows." Then again, "blows" is not a four-letter word, so maybe this euphemism for oral sex is approved by God.

Steve Halasz
Via e-mail

An Honest Woman

Courage: Thank you, Elaine Liner. Not only do I enjoy your reviews, I always learn something from them. The Dallas Observer deserves praise, too, for having the courage to print forthright reviews of the good, the bad and the dreadful. Keep up the great work.

Clay Clark

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