Cheer Up

Rangers fans must remember this: It coulda been worse

By all rational thinking, this Rangers club did far more than anyone expected them to do, and they did it with less. It's easy to forget all that when they were so close to making the playoffs. It's even natural to be a little upset, because it's been a long while since anyone around here got to watch baseball in October. But the run they had shouldn't be discredited or undervalued. We could have been forced to endure another long summer of bad baseball. Instead, we got something much better--an entertaining, winning team that could be equally qualified next year.

But you probably don't want to hear it. No one in Arlington does.

"In the big leagues, there's playoff teams and then there's everybody else," first baseman Mark Teixeira said when a reporter friend of mine asked him about the team's mood. "It doesn't matter if you're in last place or second place, one game back. You're still watching the playoffs. So if we don't make the playoffs this year, it's going to be a disappointment."

Fine. After this column, I'll stop trying to cheer everyone up. I'm not good at it, anyway.

But I'll leave you with one last thought in an attempt to make you see what I see--that things aren't nearly as awful as everyone wants to believe. Last week, during the melancholy wave that washed over Arlington, the Rangers had "Dollar Hot Dog Day" at Ameriquest Field. Seriously, when you can get a $5 dog for a buck and watch a team with a winning record, how bad could things be?

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