Poke in the Eye

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Passing the referendum would mean handing $648 million to the Dallas Cowboys so their owner, Jerry Jones, one of the richest men in sports, can build a stadium in Arlington. In exchange, the Cowboys promise an economic boom that will transform the suburb into that choicest of American cities, the urbanly revived (or, in Arlington's case, vived). Critics of the plan--be they economists, the Fort Worth Weekly or anyone who remembers similar promises of Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks in the 1990s--say the Cowboys' proposals are, as the expression goes, all hat, no cattle.

Yet the College Republicans are not among the critics. Instead, the group that stands for all things fiscally conservative sponsored the pro-Cowboys booth at Rock the Vote.

"Oh, I find it very ironic," said Corinne Veteikis, the squat, gray-haired woman who wore her "No Jones Tax" T-shirt last week while manning the No Jones Tax booth. Maybe, she wondered, looking beyond her tent to the College Republican one some 30 paces away, they don't understand what Republican means.

Retired Major General  Bobby Hodges
Mark Graham
Retired Major General Bobby Hodges

Kat Miller assured they do. Miller is the president of the College Republicans at UTA. "[Sponsoring the Cowboys] is more about informing the public of local issues," Miller said at Rock the Vote.

The Cowboys came to the College Republicans first. "Had the No Jones Tax people come to us first," she said, "we would have sponsored them."

And yes, ha ha, she was aware of the contradiction that came with her group supporting Jerry Jones.

"I think it's funny," Miller said, though the look on her face said it wasn't funny at all. --Paul Kix

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