Party Favors

It's easy to get jazzed about The Wild Party; a bumpy ride on KDT's "A" Train

Lucius (Michael Turner), a serial killer facing extradition to a death penalty state, shares an exercise cage with Angel (Sean T. Perez), a first-time felon awaiting trial for shooting a crooked evangelist in the buttocks. Lucius has found God in the joint and tries to lead Angel to salvation. Angel resists, not believing in a God who would forgive a killer as ruthless and evil as Lucius. They argue religion. They howl like wolves. Lucius prays. The sadistic guard, Valdez (Christopher Carlos), curses them both. Angel's lawyer, Mary-Jane (Karen Parrish), coaches Angel to lie on the witness stand. There's not a bat's squeak of goodness among them.

Under the direction of KDT company member Dan Day, "A" Train leaves the station with engines at full roar and never lets up for a moment to allow the playwright's message of grace and salvation to really sink in. Instead it's two and a half long hours of ear-splitting cries. Like metal on metal, the men's angry epithets bounce off the walls of the bare set.

From Act 1:

Bare chests and bottoms up in Uptown Players' The Wild Party
Bare chests and bottoms up in Uptown Players' The Wild Party


continues through October 24 at the Trinity River Arts Center. Call 214-219-2718.

Lucius: "Shut the fuck up!"

Angel: "You shut the fuck up!"

Lucius: "Shut the fuckity fuck up!"

Angel: "You shut the fuckity fuck up!"

Both: "Shut the fuck up!"

So beautiful, the language of romance.

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