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Trailer Trash vs. the Monster of Booger Creek There's a reason they cook up the popcorn at Pocket Sandwich Theatre so insipid and dry: You can eat it, but the actors at this cozy, campy playhouse like it when you throw it at them. The melodrama currently being staged at Pocket offers up popcorn-projectile opportunities about every five minutes, which, for this place, is an endorsement. As the scheming denizens of Beaver, Arkansas--Velda, Cleophus, and Sassy Pants among them--gather 'round the trailer park, they encounter the new sheriff, Buck Stallion, who has arrived (in a fey, baby-blue cowboy outfit, by the way) to replace the law man recently consumed by the shaggy, 100-year-old titular creature. There is one character driving the reins of the plot here, and she's nasty enough to induce more dizzying plot twists in two hours than in a month's worth of the average Mexican soap opera. Don't worry if you've forgotten the lyrics to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"--they've printed them right in the playbill so you can sing them loud and proud with the actors. Through November 13 at Pocket Sandwich Theatre, 5400 E. Mockingbird Lane, 214-821-1860. (C.S.)

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