This Week's Day-By-Day Picks

Wednesday, November 17

We're certainly no candidate for America's Next Top Model, but we have never been accused of looking like a bubble with impossibly skinny legs and arms and neck rolls that conceal everything but our eyes--that's a Boohbah, for those not familiar with the show that's a favorite for preschoolers and their PBS-watching parents. They're the epitome of apple-shaped figures, and yet they're advocates of active living, because not only do they demonstrate math, problem-solving and language skills, they teach simple movements throughout the show until the finale when a dance is created and performed. It's like Mousercize for the kids of former Mousercizers. Kids ages 3 to 6 can dance and move along with Boohbahduring the Look What I Can Do! Fitness Tour coming to Grapevine Mills Mall at 10:15 a.m. A new show will be screened, and kids can join in with their dance moves.

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