Quiet Time

What's up with the Pokes? Anyone? Anyone?

There are countries that have waged intercontinental wars that haven't been this guarded about their plans.

"It really is unbelievable," one local NFL writer told me. "From what I understand from [another writer], they didn't tell Romo for a while that he wasn't going. They kept him out of the loop. He just kind of sat around hearing that he might or might not go. But he didn't know for sure until recently."

By contrast, Houston head coach Dom Capers, according to a friend of mine who works for The Associated Press, just rounded up the reporters down there and took them to lunch for a "what do you need, what can I answer" session. As a newspaper man, that makes me unbelievably jealous. But if you're a Texans fan, how great is that? How great is it that the head coach takes the time to fill the notebooks of every reporter in town? Because, as a result, that means the fans are going to get all kinds of good stories in the paper and on the radio and on television. They get to know what's happening, which is all you can ask.

And here? Here we haven't asked for a lot; we certainly can't ask for Parcells to take us to lunch. And he's already nixed the idea of talking about the team's dreadful 6-10 season. So let's move on to what we'd like now. Today, it would be nice if he spent five minutes of his precious time discussing the quarterbacks and the thinking that went into not sending them to Europe. That's it. That would be grand. But I doubt it will ever happen.

This is how the Cowboys do business now--surreptitiously, with no nod toward media or public relations. But that's not really news, now is it?

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