Cop Land Savage Liner

Perhaps you want your reviewer to write combative pieces to encourage letters like mine. It certainly doesn't serve art well, or the successful expansion of the arts in the D-FW region. Liner's review was cruel, unfair and inaccurate; it smacked of personal vendetta. Sometime over this next year, I will direct a play at a regional venue (and it most likely won't be a farce). Ms. Liner will not be welcome to review my production.

Alexandra Bonifield

Via e-mail

Elaine Liner responds: I didn't sit near anyone at the performance. My row was empty that night; there were only about a dozen people there total. I wasn't churlish to anyone. The show did start late. It was not a good show. Perhaps my not laughing was interpreted as being in a bad mood. I just wasn't amused by the performance. When it was over, I wrote about what I saw.

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