All the Pretty Horses...

Plus: Gone FIshing

Banks have insurance that covers loss through robbery but typically with high deductibles. "So you have to take the loss," he says. "I have ownership in this bank."

The employee tailed his quarry a car length back, talking to police as the robber drove north on Abrams Road. "He didn't speed," the employee says. "It was like he was going to get a cup of coffee." As they neared Northwest Highway, an unmarked car whizzed by the employee's car. In seconds, four or five Dallas police cars had surrounded the robber's truck and officers wielding huge guns had the guy on the ground. "They were smooth and swift," the employee says. "They did a phenomenal job."

A week later, Rodney Robertson, 40, of Terrell, was indicted on one charge of bank robbery, says Lori Bailey of the FBI, adding that Robertson is suspected in seven other bank robberies in the area since the beginning of the year. Surveillance photos of the suspected robber wearing a fishing hat have appeared in the media on Crimestoppers. He apparently tried a new tack this time, trading the lucky fishing hat for a jinxed ball cap.

The employee still doesn't know how much the robber made off with. But he hopes the FBI gives back the evidence soon. --Glenna Whitley

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