Farce Majeure

Limp Lettice & Lovage at Theatre Britain; Imaginary Invalid coughs and sputters at Theatre Three

Rehash-wise, Invalid is broad comedy about a greedy hypochondriac, Argan (Doug Jackson), determined to marry off his oldest daughter, Angelique (Arianna Movassagh), to a doctor (Michael Craig Rains) so that he can get free medical care for life. She wants to marry a music teacher (Lee Trull). So Angelique conspires with the maid (Amy Mills) to convince Argan to change his mind.

Molière was the master farceur of the 17th century. There are fine translations, maybe hundreds, of all of his plays available. Alder's isn't one of them. It is crude, corny claptrap. I laughed at one line, something to do with "fiendish anal sprays." The rest took intestinal fortitude to endure.

Invalid calls for broad acting, but the Jackson three get way too shrill and shrieky. Mills stomps around like Lucy in the grape vat. Daddy Doug adds an audible Sling Blade-like grunt after every line. Uh-huh. The kid's all right (she has a couple of brief scenes as Argan's youngest). But remember what Noel Coward warned about putting your daughter on the stage.

None of these people is Dame Maggie Smith--bad news for Theatre Britain's production of Lettice & Lovage.
Mark Trew
None of these people is Dame Maggie Smith--bad news for Theatre Britain's production of Lettice & Lovage.


continues through September 18 at Trinity River Arts Center,


More theaters are jumping in to offer complimentary tix to the subscribers of now-defunct Plano Repertory Theatre. PRT went bankrupt a few weeks ago, leaving more than 3,000 ticket-holders without refunds for three remaining shows.

This week Dallas Theater Center began offering PRT patrons season-long three-for-three trade-ins at the box office. DTC's season begins October 5 with Crowns, written and directed by Dallas native Regina Taylor, starring local favorites M. Denise Lee and Liz Mikel.

Theatre Britain also is offering free seats to PRT subscribers for its run of Lettice & Lovage. Labyrinth Theatre will honor PRT tickets for The Guys, running through September 17. Pocket Sandwich Theatre has 100 tickets earmarked for PRT patrons for its dandy little musical revue Shades of Gray through September 24.

Other theaters extending reciprocal ticket offers to PRT subscribers: Act I Productions, Classical Acting Company, Dallas Children's Theater, Dallas Hub Theater (any performance through December), Echo Theatre, Flower Mound Performing Arts Center (adding a special performance of Grease just for this purpose), Garland Civic Theater, ICT Mainstage, Kitchen Dog Theater (for any production this season except Debbie Does Dallas), Lyric Stage, Pegasus Theatre and Richardson Theatre Centre.

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