Discomfort Zone

Comfort food, bewildering atmosphere at Manny's

She vowed never to return.

All the confusion, the noise and inconsistent meals happens in a tidy cottage that formerly housed Rooster and Guthrie's. No need to change the infrastructure, just a dab of paint--earth tones brought to life by bright decorations--a bit of landscaping and some restoration work on the hardwood floors. Minus the crowds it's an inviting space.

No reason to tweak classic recipes much, either. They've been in the family since proprietor Manny Rios' father first stepped behind a frying pan and the restaurant strives for nothing more than authentic Tex-Mex comfort fare. It's a forgiving cuisine, when you think about it. Mediocre Tex-Mex places thrive because it's difficult to expand much beyond a common comfort level without dressing up recipes considerably and veering away from the expected. Most Tex-Mex is mediocre and therefore welcoming. There are a few nice surprises here, such as chile rellenos on Wednesday, and a few off-menu selections. But Manny's owes its noisy popularity to a committed, family-based team and a menu of familiar items.

Sure, it looks good enough, but is it worth a two-hour wait?
Tom Jenkins
Sure, it looks good enough, but is it worth a two-hour wait?

Location Info


Manny's Uptown Restaurante

3521 Oak Grove Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204

Category: Restaurant > Tex-Mex

Region: Uptown & Oak Lawn


Spinach Quesadillas $7.00

Hongos con queso $6.75

Paul's Chef Special $10.95

Sunset beef fajitas $11.75

Cowboy tacos $10.75

Carne asada $11.75

Brisket enchilada dinner $8.25

Tamale dinner $7.50

Once new hires adjust to the frenzied environment and learn the system, some of these service problems will disappear. When things settle down the kitchen may find some consistency.

Then Manny's can take a place amongst all the other familiar Tex-Mex outlets in this city. 3521 Oak Grove Ave., 214-252-1616. Open 10 a.m.-11 p.m. daily.

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