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Wednesday, September 28

There are two types of chefs. One sees food as art; his food is beautiful, like a sculpture, and, frequently, very small. It's so attractive you don't want to eat it, and you're certain you'd still be hungry if you did. Then there are those chefs who love food for the taste, the ones who can't help but exclaim how good something smells and take a taste of everything mid-process. That's the kind of chef Daisy Martinez is and why her show, Daisy Cooks! with Daisy Martinez, Saturday mornings on KERA, makes us have to eat Latin American food every Saturday evening. Equally inspiring is her new book, Daisy Cooks! Latin Flavors That Will Rock Your World, which, like her show, doesn't focus on staples such as tacos, burritos, rice and beans, but branches out into seafood, potatoes, veggie-based dishes and soups--all made with her home-cooking style and served with family anecdotes and wine. Martinez will discuss and sign her new cookbook at 7 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 2201 Preston Road in Plano. Call 972-612-0999.

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