OU-Texas soon to be one of Dallas' exes

"It'd be a damn shame if they left Dallas," says ABC's Keith Jackson, eternal voice of college football. "Texas-OU is a rare jewel. It's so unique and wonderful. Where else can you take a day and go to the State Fair, ride a Ferris wheel, grab a few cold refreshments and walk over to watch one of college football's greatest rivalries?"

Not if, but when Texas-OU packs its bags, what will the landscape look like?

Texas-OU? As the post-Van Halen David Lee Roth can attest, more money often equals less value. Games in Austin and Norman will be fiercely competitive, but when neither is ranked in the Top 5 it will merely be the Big 12 Game of the Week.

Dallas? Without the game's $17 million, October revenues will plummet, along with occupants at the drunk tank and road rage incidents over incessant honking.

The Fair? It withstood the departures of the wooden roller coaster, the freak show and, this year, the children's petting zoo, so the prognosis for survival seems realistic. But if Big Tex walks, we're outta here.

And the Cotton Bowl? Well, if Harriet Miers can be a Supreme Court justice without being a judge and 28-year-old Jon Daniels can be the Rangers' GM without one day of experience, then surely two teams without perfect pedigrees can play a game that matures into our latest, greatest rivalry.

Ain't that right, A&M and Tech?

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