Tuna Meltdown

Domineering dunce is dumbing down Dallas

When Parcells should go for the knockout, he instead goes rookie rope-a-dope. Leading the Redskins 10-0 late in the game, he gave the ball to Tyson Thompson on three straight runs before settling for a field goal. Leading the Seahawks 7-3, he gave it to Barber twice before settling for a field goal. Dallas lost both games, and we're supposed to wonder why?

Asked about his team's horrible habit of trying to cling to late leads instead of expanding them, Parcells said, "Maybe we're not good enough to get separation." This, of course, is coming from the coach mostly responsible for keeping his team from getting a chance to separate. For a reputed tough Jersey guy, Parcells' killer instinct is emptier than Channel 8's new, stale morning show.

Gailey was dimwitted, bland and generally laughable as Cowboys coach from 1998-'99. But with him instead of Parcells, I say these Cowboys would be 8-0 heading into next week's bye.

But that's just me. Imagine if I were actually a Cowboys fan.

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