Tuesday, November 8

Surviving a safari is never easy, but we have a few vital tips for adventurous travelers. First, be sure to pack your most versatile and dangerous weapon: the credit card. See, money talks, and sometimes it can sweet-talk you out of a rough spot. It's also helpful in winning a silent or live auction. Second, the proper attire is a necessity. Black tie is required, so tuxes for men, and ladies, we suggest a loose, flowy, comfortable dress made of a breathable material--gotta have room for a Thanksgiving Day-like tummy stretch after all those samples of haute cuisine. All right, so our advice won't help for an African safari with lions, hippos and giraffes. But it is fitting for Embark on a Culinary Safari, a fund-raiser for the March of Dimes, care of the Signature Chefs of Dallas. Taste samples of cuisine by 20 of Dallas' celebrity chefs, then bid on prize packages that include having food prepared by the chefs. The event also features a cocktail reception and live entertainment. Tickets are $300 for the Culinary Safari, which takes place starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, 300 Reunion Blvd. Call 972-669-3643.

Wednesday, November 9

A match made in heaven, no, a laboratory: Robots and Us shows the facts and science fiction of robots.
A match made in heaven, no, a laboratory: Robots and Us shows the facts and science fiction of robots.

Successful lawyer whose successful novels have been made into successful movies for screens big and small. You gotta hate Scott Turow. Not only did he write Presumed Innocent (starring Harrison Ford), The Burden of Proof (starring Hector Elizondo) and Reversible Errors (starring William H. Macy and Tom Selleck), but he also penned One L about his experiences at law school, a death penalty discussion called Ultimate Punishment and articles for publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. Did we mention he's handsome, rich and well-dressed? Love to hate him (or dream of being him) when he appears at the Writers Studio at the Karcher Auditorium and Storey Hall on the campus of Southern Methodist University at Hillcrest Avenue and Daniel Avenue. Call the Writer's Garret at 214-828-1715 for $28 to $34 tickets.

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