Rich Kids Behaving Badly

Nerdy, bitter and shod in fake Uggs, Andrea Grimes investigates the legend of the Park Cities Party

"No," I say loudly, and they jump away, startled. These girls have absolutely no idea what's going on. They're ditzy and drunk. I watch them turn the corner behind my car, flip-flops clapping away into the night. The Suburban's long gone. Another episode of The H.P. is over.

Far more low-key than the raging keggers I'd been assured took place each and every weekend behind the 12-foot gates on St. Andrews and Beverly Drive, this Dartmouth Avenue party would just have to do for my investigative purposes. It had taken weeks of surprisingly hard work to crack the Highland Park shell, and I was worn out. In the end, the bad behavior couldn't have lasted more than 16 minutes tops, which is probably all for the best. It would only have been a matter of time before someone called me out on the imitation Uggs and I would be forced to leave, shamed forever because of my limited footwear budget.

It was much easier to get my teenage debauchery the new-fangled way: sitting at home on the couch with my cat, watching Laguna Beach or The O.C. Then again, there's nothing like live, uncensored rich kids behaving badly.

Buddy Hickerson
Buddy Hickerson

But actual self-absorbed, mindless teens with too much money are a lot of work, plus they don't respond well to remote controls. Or parenting. Or babysitters.

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I'm reading this in 2014, but I have to say, this article was just sad. I don't understand how after graduating college years later you could still be so butthurt about your high school days? I didn't really party in high school either. There was the occasional beer or two in the back of a minivan or a sneaky glug of cooking wine from a friend's pantry, but my friends and I were certainly of the crowd, like yours, that mostly heard about the awesome parties only after they occurred. What I don't get though, is that we all got to make up for it in college. We had our fun, got over it, matured and are on our way to pursuing the happy adult lives of our dreams. Sounds like you still need to let loose.