The Human Race

If you like NASCAR... you might be a redneck

More often than not, there are no restrictor plates on the flirting. Walk through the endless maze of RVs, and you'll see a wet T-shirt contest over here, a "Beer for Boobs" sign over there, Dallas businessmen touting a "Race Track Girls Go Nutz" video series around the turn and very few people even remotely offended by Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl peek-a-boob.

There's so much focus on women's anatomy, you'd think the Nextel Cup was the latest push-up bra. Gentlemen, start your hormones!

Seems the only folks who don't have a good time at NASCAR races are minorities, because they aren't there. Magic Johnson is sort of involved, and last year there was a brief uprising by the National Association of Minority Race Fans, but make no mistake, NASCAR's backbone is fans whose collars are blue and faces are white.

And that's a shame. Because while NASCAR sucks as a sport, it succeeds as a scene.

Go for the competition.

Stay for the circus.

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