The Earlies, The Theater Fire


Saturday, November 26, at Hailey's
Leaving town to visit family on Thanksgiving? If so, you should rethink hanging out with Aunt Ethel, because this week finds Dallas gravy-deep in can't-miss concerts--particularly the ones plugged in B-Sides (page 67). But best of all, hands-down, has to be the Earlies, the 11-member trans-Atlantic supergroup that has overwhelmed thousands of European festival-goers in less than two years. The group's genesis is certainly unique (see "Take Me Home," October 20), but their stories of e-mailed songwriting sessions and members who don't play a single musical instrument would mean nothing without great songs. Luckily, Dallas' Brandon Carr and Abilene's John-Mark Lapham, along with their Manchester, U.K., bandmates, whip up captivating stories of loss and lovely pop melodies in the half-symphonic, half-electronic soundscapes that fill their debut, These Are the Earlies, and the live versions are even more impressive, with the Earlies' colder, krautrock tendencies reduced in favor of multi-instrumental explosions. Don't miss this rare homecoming concert, even if it means telling Ethel to shove it. She'll understand.
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