Not So Fast

Drew Bledsoe is old, slow and...not quite finished

It was against Kansas City. Instead of keeping tight end Jason Witten in to help block to avoid negative plays, Parcells sent him into pass patterns to make positive plays. Witten caught seven passes and a touchdown. Instead of trying to achieve Parcells' coveted stat of amassing more running plays than the opponent, the Cowboys turned a run into a pass. Bledsoe hit Terry Glenn with a gorgeous 71-yard flea-flicker fling. And instead of trying to score via old-school smash-mouth football inside the 10, the Cowboys rallied on a reverse to Glenn and a pass to afterthought tight end Dan Campbell, who hadn't scored in two years.

The risks were there. But, as usual with this Cowboys offense, so were the rewards.

To make the playoffs, the 8-5 Cowboys have to win two of their last three games. Unfortunately the next two against Washington and Carolina are on the road, where Parcells doesn't coach desperate and daring but safe and scared.

Bledsoe: "I never really liked the whole 'bus driver' thing." We neither.
Gary Leonard
Bledsoe: "I never really liked the whole 'bus driver' thing." We neither.

We want Parcells to admit he's been wrong all year about Bledsoe and his offense and actually try to win another game against another comparable opponent by outscoring them. But who are we kidding? Sunday against the Redskins the Cowboys will go back to establishing the run, controlling the clock, playing field position--and losing.

Here's hoping I'm wrong. Again.

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