Still Crazy

Cowboys fanatic nearing final whistle

Nothing official. Nothing steady. Just a parking pass and field access to every home game. A couple thousand dollars via handshake during Ray's amputation operation. Mysteriously catered food to the family in the week after their daughter's death. And every Cowboys appearance in a Super Bowl came complete with airfare, hotel, game tickets for Ray and Mattie and a wink.

"As Ray will tell you, the Cowboys have been more than gracious," Walker said. "Now it's time for the fans to give back."

They've started. A fan flew Ray to Washington, D.C., for last month's game against the Redskins. And he received a priceless autographed football for Christmas.

Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones: He'll make 'em laugh till his last breath.
Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones: He'll make 'em laugh till his last breath.

"Whooooo!" Ray belted out as Mattie read the names he couldn't see--Pat Summerall, Rayfield Wright, Gene Stallings, Charlie Waters..."She's my eyes. I keep trying to convince her I'm her heart and soul."

After you donate and before you go thinking the last game of the Cowboys season was the final game of Ray's life, here's his balloon-twisted optimism once again:

"I want to be there for the grand opening of the new stadium" in Arlington in 2009, Ray said with the enthusiasm of a child sitting on Santa's lap. "As long as I can breathe, I'll be their No. 1 fan. And last time I checked, I'm still breathing."

C'mon, everybody love Raymond.

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