The Gatekeeper

Mary Mapes tells us a story

 Mary Mapes—the horrendous, hectoring hell-hound harridan behind "Rathergate"—will sign her book, Truth and Duty, at the Uptown Borders Monday, and if you go, guess what? You’ll find out she's a funny, charming, quite surprising human being from East Dallas with a heck of a story to tell. For media-haters, here's a surprise: Mapes, a distinguished television producer and investigative reporter, sort of agrees with you. One difference, though: She knows where the bones are buried. The book is her version of what is also called "Memogate"—the uproar surrounding a story she produced for 60 Minutes II on President George W. Bush’s National Guard career. CBS canned her. She wrote this book. Let her tell you about it.
Mon., Jan. 23, 7 p.m.
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