Everything's bigger in our state, especially the fan fakery

"For two years, UT fans called our show complaining that Mack can't win the big game," Williams said. "Now they're comparing him to Darrell Royal."

While a lot fraudulent and a little creepy, Dallas' faux fanaticism toward Austin is harmless, maybe even healthy. All we want to do is bask in some glory, even if we have to rub imaginary shoulders with Young, Brown, Roger Clemens, Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey on our own Sixth Street. Party planner: Compared to Austin's, ours, just south of the Trinity River, is 1/10th as fun and 10 times as dangerous.

There is one group in town with a legitimate right to rejoice over the 'Horns. At the University of Texas at Dallas, they share a direct affiliation and, surely, some giddiness. And the Richardson campus is in fact buzzing about recently released rankings. In Discover magazine's list of 2005's important science discoveries, UTD produced Nos. 8 (development of carbon nanotube sheets) and 70 (discovery of a mysterious new subatomic particle). And, somehow, they did it without even having a football team.

There's plenty of room on this bandwagon.
There's plenty of room on this bandwagon.

Hook 'em horn-rimmed glasses!

From freaks to Frogs to techies and Techies, Dallas is seeing 2006 through the Eyes of Texas.

"The Cowboys didn't make the playoffs," said Williams, "so all these front-runners had to find a winner somewhere."

Everything truly is bigger in Texas.

Especially the bandwagon.

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