A Dirty Dozen

Rhyner's revolution spawns 12 successful years for The Ticket

The Ticket's 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. show, The Hard Line, hosted by Rhyner and Williams, has as loyal a fan following as any in Dallas. It's rambling, raunchy, irreverent and, most important, frickin' funny. In its 12-year run, The Hard Line has never finished out of the market's top three among males 25 to 54.

Rhyner is the 55-year-old alpha of the pack. Though his show and his station are built on camaraderie, Rhyner is hardly a social butterfly. Williams, his co-host for 12 years, says he has yet to step inside the house Rhyner moved into four years ago.

Says Williams, "He's just Rhyner. Honestly, I don't feel like I know him that well."

Mike Rhyner: The king (and queen) of Dallas sports talk radio
Mike Rhyner: The king (and queen) of Dallas sports talk radio

Rhyner loves baseball and plays in the tribute band Petty Theft, so Hard Line topics are often steered accordingly. But last week he also spent segments offering suicide options for chickens, pondering his wife's reaction should he decide to set his genitals afire and spin around in a chair, and expounding on his conviction that Parcells is a "New Jersey Con Man," a belief that has put him way ahead of the curve.

"The most gratifying and special thing to me is that the station means so much to so many people," Rhyner says. "I know I'll never have anything like this again in my life."

Happy 12th Birthday to The Ticket, a station that acts its age. And congratulations to Rhyner. Let all the guys in Dallas raise a toast.

Perhaps a nice spritzer down at La Madeleine?

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