He's So Emo

Eric Grubbs chronicles two decades of DIY music the only way he knows how--doing it himself

"We're trying to find the best way to get the word out organically," says Wright, who calls Grubbs an "encyclopedia" of the post-hard-core genre. Wright and Grubbs have already created a press release and post cards promoting Post and hope to build an audience the way a band builds a fan base.

"The bands [Grubbs] talks about in Post had to do the same things [Grubbs did] to be heard or to get their records out," Wright says. "We all should understand that really good, independent, DIY music comes from people who have that same attitude."

As is true of many of the artists he interviews, Grubbs has a sense of major-label skepticism and rejects the idea of shopping his book to the likes of Harper-Collins or Penguin.

"I don't want to bother getting an agent and beg publishers to get it out," Grubbs says. "There was no middle man when people started their own records. Why should there be a middle man when publishing a book?"

For now, Grubbs is very much a man in the middle. Between performing with his band (Ashburne Glen's second album, It's All Just a Dirty Game, will be released by Mission Label on February 7), demystifying morning commutes and just trying to get some sleep, he has a limited amount of time to dedicate to Post, but he says he gives it all he can.

"The emotional reward is writing it, researching it and finishing it. That's the experience I'm always going to remember."

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