The Disappeared

Got a missing relative? Maybe you should look in the jail--and good luck with that.

When Mann was released in December he promptly disappeared. He turned up shortly afterward at a church in Oak Cliff, where a newspaper reporter found him dressed in dirty jeans and a soiled Cowboys sweatshirt. He was glad to be out of jail, he said, even though his family had moved to Michigan without him. Until a few days ago, when Mann left for Michigan for a funeral, he was sleeping in the cab of a truck parked near the church.

Ever since Mann's story hit the news, his attorney, David Finn, says he's been inundated with calls from people with similar stories. "It appears to be an ongoing, systematic problem. Every time the proverbial stuff hits the fan, everybody starts pointing fingers, but nothing gets done," Finn says. "It seems that it's been going on for years, and there is an absolute lack of leadership on this issue.

"It's a complicated problem, but ultimately you'd think real leaders would take the bull by the horns and fix this."

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