Doogie Howser, G.M.

A young dog teaches the Rangers to forget old tricks

So much for baseball's old guard freezing out the new punk. Obviously immaturity is easier to deal with than Hart problems.

"Maybe if we had to discuss pop culture there would be stumbling blocks," Daniels said of his negotiations with older executives such as legendary 68-year-old Philadelphia Phillies GM Pat Gillick. "Behind the scenes there might be thought put into my age and experience. But up front I've been treated with a ton of respect."

The Rangers, 79-83 last season and with losing records five of the last six years, might not finish as champions. But under Daniels' guidance, at least on opening day they'll start with the ERA leader on their mound and the batting champ in their lineup.

If nothing else, Daniels has already muted the fans' well-worn rallying cry: "Do something!"

"In my mind we're better today in all areas than we were at the end of last season," Daniels said. "I take pride in that. I'm not saying we have the perfect roster, but I expect us to be better."

Truth: Despite his thin résumé and thick hair, Jon Daniels has the talent and the testicles to direct the Rangers to a World Series.

Myth: The Little League World Series.

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