Dirk's Little Secret

In an exclusive investigative report, we discover another all-star facet to the main Mav

He also teams with buddy Nash on one song, "Screw the Pick and Roll, Gimme Rock 'n' Roll." Nash, who mentions his love of Radiohead in just about every interview, channels Jonny Greenwood's jack-of-all-trades instrumental creativity. The musical partnership could have turned out to be a boring Radiohead clone (who needs another Kid B like Elbow?), but Nash transcends that band's influence to create some really unique keyboard and guitar noise as his one-time teammate sings about how true friendship and the love of music are stronger than distance, time and Western Conference rivalry.

Strangely, the rock-loving Dirk even dabbles in hip-hop. The song, "Reppin' My Mavs for Real (Get in My Grill and I'll Fadeaway Jump)," would have been his entry to the team's playoff theme song contest had the rules not barred current Mavericks employees from entering. It easily puts Owens' MC skills to shame and even bumps Shaquille "Shaq Diesel" O'Neal down to the No. 2 spot on the list of "Most Talented 7-foot NBA Rappers." The strong track is probably the reason why Mavs point guard Jason Terry recently announced the signing of D-Now to his Atlanta-based Reason Records label.

Rumor has it 2929 Entertainment, the media company owned by Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, has been filming Dirk behind the scenes for a documentary that will be released in theaters and on DVD simultaneously, a plan that has sparked ire in both the MPAA and NBA Players Association.

And in a move that will make them--and Dirk--even angrier, the Observer's Web site, dallasobserver.com, will be the exclusive host to one of the songs on Saturday, April 1, 2006. Log in on that very special day to listen to history.


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