Train Kept on Rollin'

Emily Dowdy's case hangs on a judge's opinion of her own performance on the bench

None. Zero.

Instead of attacking the prosecutors' lack of evidence, Coyle did nothing. He collapsed under Caswell's "hostile" gaze and let the prosecutors walk their high heels all over him. Coyle's performance in the Dowdy trial was a bizarre fall from grace for a defense attorney once regarded as one of the best in OKC.

Each side will now use transcripts from the hearing to file briefs with Caswell, who will write her own opinion and forward it to the appeals court. The defense and prosecution will write briefs in response to her ruling. The appeals court could then rule or order oral arguments.

Emily Dowdy
Emily Dowdy

But those same appellate judges still have not ruled on Henricksen's motion for Caswell to remove herself. Dowdy is in the awkward position of asking Caswell to be impartial about her own courtroom conduct while simultaneously trying to get her removed from the case.

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