Mocking the Draft

Don't look now, but it's sports' biggest waste of time

Further proof that nobody knows nuthin', five of the Cowboys' all-time best and worst draft picks looked exactly opposite at the time:


5. Troy Aikman--Seemingly a no-brainer, but some of the dumbest draftniks touted Tony Mandarich in '89.

4. Rayfield Wright--Future Hall-of-Famer was a seventh-rounder, the 182nd player picked in '67.

3. Emmitt Smith--NFL's all-time leading rusher was taken 15 spots behind Blair Thomas in '90.

2. Larry Brown--12th-round afterthought in '91 has three Super Bowl rings and a Super Bowl MVP.

1. Roger Staubach--Future Hall-of-Famer's four-year commitment to Navy scared off everyone in '64 until the 10th round.


5. Bill Thomas--Drafted ahead of Robert Newhouse in '72 and never scored an NFL touchdown.

4. Tody Smith--Southern Cal star taken 25th overall in '71 had 0 sacks in 17 Cowboys games.

3. Kevin Brooks--Forgettable lineman picked 17th overall in '85, one spot behind dude named Jerry Rice.

2. Rod Hill--First-round flop in '82, never started a game for the Cowboys.

1. Scott Appleton--University of Texas Outland Trophy winner was taken 4th overall in '64 but signed with the AFL's Houston Oilers.

In their 46-year history, the Cowboys have drafted 619 players including Lorenzo Bouier. Topper Clemons. Charvez Foger. Stop me if you've heard of one...Linc Harden. Fallon Wacasey.

So who will the Cowboys take in Saturday's NFL Draft?

Get a life. Geek.

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