The Fab Fifty

Where would we be without these powerful peeps? In the fetal position, craving sports.

12. Bruce Gadd. Cotton Bowl chairman oversees a game that annually pumps $30 million into the Dallas economy, second only to the State Fair.

11. Lamar Hunt. NFL founding father also re-booting local soccer with Pizza Hut Park.

10. Troy Aikman. Hall of Famer still carries considerable weight via TV analysis and NASCAR ownership with Staubach.

He's cool, he's hot and he's powerful.
He's cool, he's hot and he's powerful.

9. Laura Miller. Thanks to the lame-duck mayor, the Cowboys are leaving and Texas-OU is staying.

8. Byron Nelson. Nothing helps area children more than Lord Byron's golf tournament.

7. Bill Parcells. His majesty's daily circle jerks with media are broadcast live.

6. Tom Hicks. Owns two teams. But zero clues.

5. Jon Heidtke. Wouldn't recognize him on the street, but the FOX Sports Net Southwest senior vice president makes the decisions about Mavs, Rangers and Stars you recognize nightly on TV.

4. Hank Haney. Is there a better, easier job on this planet than Tiger Woods' swing coach? Next up: Scarlett Johansson's plastic surgeon.

3. Jerry Jones. His every move remains monumental, but Cuban's rants have rendered his sideline sojourns passé.

2. Mark Cuban. Has the mind, money and moxie to create something priceless--hope.

1. Terrell Owens. Generating a deafening buzz before his first catch in Cowboys pads.

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