Body Shots

Cowboy's body and story are full of holes

In his defense, Davis does regularly attend service at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church near Duncanville at the seemingly ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m. Sits in the front row with teammate Roy Williams, soaking up the gospel according to Pastor Rickie Rush.

"His recovery isn't amazing to me," says Williams, Davis' co-safety. "He's a blessed man."

On July 23, a week after the shooting, Davis was back at IBOC, dragged to the pulpit by his passionate, perplexed pastor.

"It's pathetic for people to keep focusing on where he was coming from or where he was going," Rush told the congregation. "By the grace of God he's still here with us and still playing football for the Cowboys. That should be the story."

Since he's now an impact player given a guaranteed $1.2 million signing bonus in April, Davis will not be Parcells' exterminated-for-example this summer. In fact, Parcells initially feigned ignorance that his player lied to police.

While Tom Landry never as much as tore those tags off his pillows, Parcells claims he knows nuthin' about nuthin'. Memo to Parcells: Dallas police have contacted the NFL about the shooting but still have no leads, no suspects, no motive.

Did Davis simply panic at the thought of Parcells' wrath and concoct his Shreveport story to protect his job?

"If I got shot a couple times in a couple years," says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, "I think at the very least I'd be figuring out a new route to get home."

Says Davis, "Man, it's a cruel world out there. I'm a living example that bad things happen to good people."

Two weeks ago Davis was in intensive care. From now on, he'll be under intense scrutiny.

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