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Why don't we get drunk and...eat crab cakes?

When the server brought our meals, it got our minds off the tires. But all that tread-watching distracted us from clocking our plates' delivery time. We're guessing it was in the 15-minute ballpark, though, because unlike the mushrooms, these dishes were plenty warm. We knew Willy's would make a comeback.

The fried seafood medley on Willy's Jumbo Platter was much better than its broiled counterpart. And the fries and coleslaw were a just-right combination of sides. No repeat of the dirty rice and veggie boredom here. Mississippi fried catfish, crawfish tails, Galveston Bay oysters, jumbo shrimp--all good, all plentiful.

The blackened chicken pasta from the specials list didn't elicit similar excitement. The dieting tablemate who ordered the dish said it wasn't worth the calories, but you could chalk that up to cheater's remorse. Supposedly nothing tastes as good as thin feels. But the bread pudding sure did make a fine showing. It's a little heavy for such an early meal but still definitely a crowd pleaser.

You want it fast, or do you want it good? At Saltwater Willy's, you get a little of both.
Tom Jenkins
You want it fast, or do you want it good? At Saltwater Willy's, you get a little of both.

Location Info


Saltwater Willy's

2455 E. Grapevine Mills Circle
Grapevine, TX 76051

Category: Restaurant > Seafood

Region: Grapevine


Spinach and artichoke dip $6.99

The Captain's Broiled Platter $17.99

Port Isabel crab cakes $16.99

Pecan pie $5.99

Crab-stuffed mushrooms $7.99

Willy's Jumbo Platter $11.99

Blackened chicken pasta $6.49

Bread pudding $1.50 (lunch), $5.99 (dinner)

Along with the varying degrees of quality that Willy's exhibits in its food, another confusing tidbit is the steak house label. The non-seafood portion of the menu seems more like an afterthought, a tiny selection among a smorgasbord of sea treats. In fact, during one visit, a large group arrived and asked to look over the menu. There were some non-seafood eaters in the bunch, and they needed to be sure everyone had options. After a few minutes, they thanked the greeters for their time and said they'd come back when all they wanted was seafood. The couple that showed up next, however, was super-excited to discover there was a smoking section. Go figure. Just when you think Willy's will lose, it somehow comes out on top. We're not totally sure about this, but we think Jimmy Buffett would be proud. 2455 E. Grapevine Mills Circle, Grapevine, 972-691-2659. Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. $$

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