Out of Focus

A shift in AIDS funding from services to drugs threatens poor patients

"Without support services they won't remain consistent with their care," says Steven Pace, executive director of the AIDS Interfaith Network. "People will start showing up in crisis or in urgent need and that will be serving them through emergency rooms and urgent-need clinics, which is far more expensive than serving them through the regular HIV and AIDS clinics."

Back at Bryan's House, David Thomas walks outside to visit the playground. He points to a basketball court donated by Mark Cuban and former Mavericks player Shawn Bradley. In the future, he says, Bryan's House will have to rely more and more on private donations.

"Without us here, what's going to happen is those children are going to be in foster care in a system that's already overwhelmed and swamped. The mother is going to fall off the edge, and we're going to lose the members of that family to another generation of severe crisis and illness," he says. "We do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen."

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